Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting ready....

I recently signed up for my very first craft show - it's on November 6. Just a few short weeks away. I have a lot to do before the show - figure out my table set up, displays, price tags, signage, and of course, make more products to sell!

Tonight I ticked one item off of my To Do list, by creating an earring display that I've had in mind since I started thinking about signing up for a show. I bought an unfinished wooden scrapbook page frame, spray painted it white and hot glued pretty ribbon on it. Voila! A cute way to hang some of my earrings!!I also just designed my earring cards - easy enough with photoshop and some cardstock! I figured why not throw some free advertising out there by listing my shop information and email address on the back of the card?

These turned out so well - I can hang them on my display but I can also lay them on the table and they will be propped up to display the product even better. I like this much better than a flat card. :)
Slowly but surely I'm getting ready for this show!! So much to do, so little time! :)

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