Sunday, January 22, 2012

SSR: Mini Challenge BONUS Challenge!

Hello to all you lovely readers that are participating in the Sarah Says Read Mini Readathon!

If you weren't already aware, I am Sarah's sister, Heather and I am hosting a bonus challenge here on my blog.

My challenge is a pretty easy one. I want to know if you own any book-related jewelry. And if so, what is it? I know that Sarah has quite a collection of Outlander related jewelry. I have a few pieces of bookish jewelry that I carry in my shop, which also means I get to wear them when I feel like it. :)

And, in keeping with my challenge question, the prize I am giving away to one lucky reader, is this "Bookish" hand-stamped necklace. It's paired with a swarovski crystal in the color of your choice - available colors are pale pink. purple, yellow, orange, lime green, blue, red, black or teal (pictured). Comes with a 24 inch vintage copper ball chain which can be cut to a shorter length if preferred.

So leave me a comment and let me know about your "bookish" jewelry!!

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  1. Hi Heather! Love the necklace. Unfortunately I don't own any bookish jewelry. I never really thought about it. Funny! I read all the time and never once thought to own a book related piece of jewelry. So now I guess I am on a hunt. Thanks for offering the Bonus mini-challenge!

    Delighted Reader

  2. It's a beautiful necklace. I don't own any bookish jewelry. Over the holidays, I was looking at all the pandora charms and other charms for those bracelets everyone was advertising for and I wanted a book charm and couldn't find one at all. :(


  3. I don't own any bookish jewelry either. I actually never wear jewelry. It moves and dangles and annoys me to no end. Every once in a while I wear a pair of very, very tiny stud diamonds, but that's about it. Strange, really. In my family most people love jewelry. :)

  4. I wish I had some bookish jewellery! I have a Pandora bracelet and keep looking for a charm that has a book on it, but the closest one I can find is a graduation one, which isn't what I want. I see so many cool things on Etsy that I'd love to buy one day ... like a book necklace or something. I love the idea of sharing my love of books that way! Of course, some of the movie jewellery out there is pretty awesome, too ... like the Hunger Game jewellery, or even some of the Harry Potter stuff. Love it all!

  5. I really wish I did own some bookish jewellery, but I don't! I have quite a few cake pieces of jewellery (because as well as being a reader I'm quite a baker!) but nothing that's really booklike. I do have a charm on my bracelet that is a little mortarboard, and my sister bought me that when I graduated from my English (and Philosophy) degree, so that's probably the closest I've got really!

    I badly wanted a Lord of the Rings ring when they had them when the movies were out though...

  6. I absolutely adore this necklace...perfect for a librarian! I don't really own any "bookish" jewelry per say although I so would love to. I do have some jewelry that is time period and Jane Austen inspired including some cameo earrings. Things I do have that are bookish are t-shirts and coffee mugs galore that say things such as "Mrs. Darcy"...etc. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!


  7. I have an 'Alice in Wonderland' charm on my Pandora bracelet. It's on of the original illustrations that's been coloured and made to dangle ever so prettily in the centre of it. That's the only bookish jewellery I have, but there are probably about 20 pieces on Etsy that I've bookmarked for the day when I have some money to burn!

  8. I have one very lovely piece of bookish jewelry that I won in a challenge for the summer readathon. Whoever wins this piece, will be very happy! I just wanted to stop over and say hi, but do not enter me in the contest. I don't want to be considered a bookish jewelry hog!

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